How to adjust underscan in CCC???

I need to adjust the underscan in cc, but when I go under desktops&displays, there is no small mooniter icon at the bottom, just the one big one in the middle. I tried reinstalling twice n idk what to do. help plz
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  1. I wasn;t aware you could do that in CCC?

    i certainly don't have the option to. it may be specific to certain cards, but its not a standard feature as far as im aware.
  2. So you don't get the 'configure' option when you have the one monitor up in desktop&displays?

    If that's not coming up you may need to re-install the Catalyst Control Centre (not the whole driver).

    You should be able to just click configure from that screen and make adjustments.

    If you still have issues try ATiTrayTools which has manual settings built into their start menu icon/tool, which might let you access them directly.
  3. are you using windows7? i was having the same problem until i realized what i was doing wrong.

    when you click on the "desktop & displays" area, there will be a picture of your tv or monitor in the lower left corner of the screen with a small triangle on it. you either have to click the triangle, or right-click the triangle, and a little submenu pops up that says "configure" that and it brings you to the expanded menu for overscan/underscan.

    i was thrown off on this at first because i was used to the windows XP CCC, but the CCC for windows7 is different. hopefully this helps if this was what you were experiencing
  4. I think he's saying that there is no small picture at the bottom, he said "no small monitor icon", which is why I asked to be sure. If he's not getting even that then it's not reading somethig right and I would say try ATiTrayTools.
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