Combining 2 hard drives into one

i have two 250 GB harddrives. I need to combine them on server 2003 to have a 500 GB partition. Any suggestions please.

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  1. 2 X 250 GB = RAID 0 stripe with no redundancy. There is no recovery and it's not safe to put mission crit data on the RAID because if one drive fails you lose everything. I run a RAID 0 on my main box, the speed is un-matched and you will show as 500 GB or 465 GB rather. Just remember not save any data on the RAID 0. Good Luck Mate.
  2. Like captjack5169 said use RAID 0 to combine the drives into one and also get a performance boost. But beware that if one drive dies ALL of your data is lost.
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