Phenom x6 1055T Overclock help

Hello, Ive been through a trillion posts about this. I am wondering what help you guys can give me about oc my x6 to the max. Now of course all chips are different ive been doing this for while just want some freindly advice brothers.

Thermaltake case 7 fans
nvidia gts450 Oc ed <--best thing ive bought for price
msi 870a-g54 mobo
8gb 1333 ram
psu 750 ultra :)
cooler master n520 air cooled.

this is the mobo with that oc genie. I figured that would prob fry my board lol so im not using it. Since the chips isnt black ed. I need t oc by raising bus speed so im @ 225 now and downclocked the memory so that it would be stable. Voltage is at auto, should i change that. and i remember something about this board having trouble with going past 1.45 V.

im currently oc it @ 3.1 with turbo core @ 3.4 if i recall. Ran prime 40 mins didnt pass 52C. Now i know my board is ***, but until i can upgrade. What can i do. I appriciate any help and thanks again for looking!
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  1. how many stick your RAM ? try in RAM at 3:8 / 1066 first also relax timing if still won't boot .. it will help to start boot, don't let Voltage under auto set to manual try lower as posible from 1.32v - 1.35v for FSB 225 / 3.3Ghz .( every chip will different vcore )
  2. I went ahead and did as u said. I bsod'ed every boot after that. SO i went ahead and tried this:

    I reset bios to normal no overclocl, normal buss speed and blah balah and ran prime 05 for about an hr and a half. Temps reached around 52c but that not what i was looking at i was looking at max voltage using hwmonitor. i was 1.46 for cpu. So if at stock it runs that how could i go lower and overclock, ill blue screen every time. And thank you by the way!\

    p.s 2 sticks of ram
  3. ai think you need ran at default , MSI 870-G45 Hmm.. 4+1 phase motherboard that's MSI with un-heatsinked VRMs running a Thuban that can pull very close to 200w.
    This a recipe for disaster! see in MSI listed and good luck
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