Will a sata II drive work with sata III slot on the mb?

just wondering if sata II hardrive will work with a sata III slot on my mb if it dont is there any adapters/converters that i could buy?
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  1. yes the sata III is backwards compatible with the sata II, the connectors are the same so you do not have to buy any other adapters or converters.
  2. Yes will work because SATA3.0 is backward compatible.
  3. All sata ports currently available on the market will back clock to older standards so SATA3>SATA2>SATA1. Your safe, I have the same issue on my new box, its a Z68 and I have both my SATA2 blacks plugged into the SATA3 ports works just fine. Your just running 3 Gbps on a 6 Gbps port thats all.
  4. thanks everyone for the answers helps alot:)
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