Cant crossfire in xp but can in wondows7 on duel boot machine

I cant get xfire to work in xp any ideas??
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  1. Have you installed the latest WinXP drivers and CCC for your GPUs?

    You also need ms net.Framework installed in XP - I'm assuming this is recent install.
  2. Yes i have 9.12 and all so tryed 9.6,9.5, 8.6 also running sp3
  3. maybe more info will help asus maximus formula mb q6600 oc @3.4 4meg ram one 3870x2 and one 3870 ,4 drives in raid 0 on xp and 4 drives in raid 1 in windows 7! I sure would like to figure this out all, Thanks
  4. no help all????????
  5. well i have found out that xp only will see two gpus and win7 is in crossfre thxs all
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