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OK so I'm new to overclocking and I just got my new Gigabyte GTX 670.

So first off i want to clarify I have a AMD FX4100 which I'm going to upgrade to an Intel core I5 in a week and i have a 620W power supply, I'm not sure if that is the cause.

Anyway I managed to get about 120+ on the core clock and was able to run Kombuser for about 10hours strait with no problem set at all the highest settings.

But when I use Heaven Benchmark it crashes.

I can get get one benchmark but the second it crashes, I'm still testing but right now it been crashing at 105+.

Which is weird since it was able to handle kombuseter for 10hours at 120+.

So I'm confused is my gpu not stable or is it the program and what should I do.

I also noticed something while running the OOCT that the core clock kept dipping and then it dropped to 324MHz.

It kept decreasing slowly it started at 1241MHz then when down to 1231 and dipped to 1166MHz until it dropped to 324MHz.

Doest this mean it is unstable?

I heard this might be a driver problem.
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  1. Kindly visit the following link:

    It contains the master guide to Overclock gtx 670..

    I am sure you'll find all the answers in the link given :)

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    If your refering to the core clock on the video card then it sounds just like it was being downclocked because the core was idle and if you were running ooct at the time then something isn't ight and it may be a driver problem or defective hardware.
    You can start by removing the current drivers and reloading them and also making sure that you have the current drivers. It would also be best to not have beta drivers and to have WHQL drivers loaded untill you discover the issue.
  3. Ok ill give it a try and see how it goes, i just downloaded the new drivers so im going to run ooct again and see wat happens.
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  5. Btw is it possible that my powersupply is causing me not have a high overclock? its only a 620w
  6. Your power supply if working correctly is enough for the components that you have but if there is something defective with the psu and it's not supplying the correct power in the pci-e cables then that could be an issue. You don't seem to have an issue with your cpu and if the psu was overall defective it would affect the other components and not just the video card. So if the psu is supplying the wrong current to the pci-e cable that could cause your problem but something like that is hard to verify and is quite unusual. Most likely it's a driver issue.
  7. Ok so im now overclocking the memory clock and i noticed something werid when i was running ugine. I was seing minor drops in the gpu usage which whould usually corispond with an artifact, but when i put the memory clock back to normal i was still seing these usage drops. In fact when it was at normal i saw the biggest usage drop yet when it droped from 99% to 40%.

    Keep in mind that i had no overclock on the core clock, i was only overclocking the memory.

    Thanks for all help,

  8. VRAM bottleneck?

    Happens to me. Crysis 2 only uses 60% of my gpu power but 1gb of my vram.
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