Performance differences between a cheap motherboard and high end mobo?

what are the performance differences between a cheaper mobo(amd )like a biostar ta785ge and that of high end mobo like that of 890 chipsets and crosshair formula 4?are the cheaper ones a bottleneck for fast cpus??

Iam using biostar ta785ge(DDR2)on phenom x6 1090t.Do you think it will be bottlenecking the cpu?
and what performance gain may i notice if i switch to 890 chipset mobo/crosshair4??i am using hd4870 gpu.(ddr2
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  1. Cheaper motherboards use older/cheaper chipsets which offer less features, and sometimes, the boards aren't as good in terms of quality. I doubt you'd seen any noticeable gains in performance by switching to a Crosshair IV Formula board.
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