Ssd space problem's.

Hey all, just brought a new SSD only 60gig. Now my problem is when i run a disc clean up it's saying 60gig of temp files or 40+gig to clean.
When i check the space on my drive it states that ive only got 700 and odd mb left, get up the following morning and there is 10 gig available?.
im just finding it real strange could it be a fault in window's 7 maybe or is this common.

ps just checked again and it's saying 3.86gig available, all i have installed is a game just under 20gig and windows 7 ultimate and a few driver's.

Many thanks Kirk.
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  1. I would go through this:,2911.html

    It might have something to do with system restore, your available space going up and down. You can disable system restore which I believe saves around 8GB.
  2. Thank's for the speedy reply. Yea i did disable the system restore soon as i installed windows, just cant seem to get my head around why it goes up one minute then down the next.

    ill have a browse at that link now thx again.
  3. Lots of apps will use up disk space from day to day- downloading email, various programs downloading updates and cache stored by your browser just to name a few. When I search my hard drive for what is using how much space (using a program called "treesizefree", I find little bits of stored data here and there that I didn't put there.
  4. Didn't see your system.
    How much Ram do you have and how is your virtual memory (Pagefile) configured.
    With a 60 gig SSD two options, place on HDD, or leave on HDD. In either case, you should set the min/max to the same size which will eilimianate windows dynamically changing the suze. Question - just google manage swap file in windows 7

    Have you disabled Hibernation. Hibernation system file is the size of ram and is a hidden file that is stuck at the end of the partition.

    Some changinging of disk space can be attributed to temp files being stored and deleted. This can also be set to the HDD
  5. Here's an article that can also help to free up some space, but probably not related to your issue;

    basically; run this in command prompt:
    dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded

    Removed old SP backup files, frees up ~1.5+GB, make sure you've had SP1 for a while now though and it's stable.
  6. See if you computer is using it for page filing.
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