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I went out to Fry's today and I was looking for a regular PCI Video Card (no express). I found one for $29.00 and went home and threw it in my machine. The video card only accepts a DVI type connection so I tried to use the onboard video while the card was in it. The computer turns on but nothing is displayed on the monitor, but when I remove the PCI card the onboard video works again. Do I need a DVI to VGA adapter to try and hook the VGA monitor to the new card or should I take it back? Thank you for your time.

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    some motherboards when you place a graphics card into them they auto matically disable the onboard graphics. yes, should get yourself a dvi to vga adapter and try out the new card.
  2. First, check your BIOS settings to make sure it boots to the correct card. Also give it more than a minute to adjust for the new hardware.

    Return the card, there are much MUCH better PCI cards out there, heck I just bought a GF8400GS on (still won't game well, but more features) for $30.

    If you feel you must keep that one, try using a DVI to VGA adapter and see if it help, for one thing it should allow the BIOS screen to be shown on older or limited LCDs where otherwise it would be black.
  3. Used the adapter and it works! Thanks guys.

  4. FX5200 cards only have DVI?
  5. The one I purchased from Fry's Electronics? Yes.
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