20+4 connector and 4 pin 12 volt

I ahve the new ZOtac which has a 24 pin main connector and a 4 pin 12 volt for the CPU. I only have a 20+4 for power. I know that the 20 pin can be connected inro the 24 pin connector. but I am sure that the 4 pin from the 20+4 can not be used for the 4 oin 12 volt CPU, correct.
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  1. The 20+4 pin connector can serve as a 20 or a 24 pin main connector, you should have an addition 4, 4+4, or 8 pin 12V connector coming off of your PSU as well as the 24 pin main connector.
  2. correct and +1 what hunter315.

    I was at a Fry's Electronics store this afternoon. They now stock Zotac mini-itx motherboards. The boards are small. Is that the motherboard you have? What will you use the system for?
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