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I wanted to know how can I make it so that my fans can go at 100% all the time. I really don't care too much about the noise, I prefer to have everything cool.

Mother Board: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO

Also just have another question...didn't know where to post so hopefully I can get help here as well. I get this thing in my Windows Task Manager. I have no idea what it is and sometimes it eats up ALOT of my memory.

Here is a pic.

¿Can anyone tell me what is?
¿Can I make it so it never opens/uses/pops up in Win Task Mang?

Thank you so much for you help in advance. Have a great day.

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    1) You should be able to set the fans at 100% in the BIOS, or use the ASUS software to set them at @100% in windows.
    2) Looks like Tiny Personal Firewall
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  3. Thank you so much got it...:0)
  4. You're welcome!
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