Is it worth crossfiring a 4890 with a different card?

At the moment I own an i5 system with a 4890, when the 5830 comes out would it be worth crossfiring my 4890 with it if it is roughly in the same performance class?

Also is there a way to disable crossfire when i want full dx11 support and run only on the 5830 and crossfire when i don't need it? (Not by removing the card and re-inserting it)
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  1. first, you cant crossfire a 5000 series card with a 4000 series card. only other 48xx series cards can crossfire with 48xx cards.

    and if you crossfire a 4850 with a 4890 the 4890 will downclock to a 4850 thus you have wasted the money in getting a 4890 in the first place.

    so the best choice to get is another 4890 to crossfire.
  2. You cannot crossfire outside of similar GPUs, read the FAQ at the top of the forum.

    HD48xx with HD48xx.

    So your options are another HD4890, 4870 or 4850, which are selling cheap.
  3. Oh, i didn't know that I couldn't CF a series 5 card with a series 4. Damn. 4890's are going EOL and it's hard finding a good deal on them now.

    Thanks for the info.
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