Boot manager problem when turning on the PC - 0xc000000f

Today when I came home and as always turned on my PC I got an error " 0xc000000f. The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible. " It was absolutely fine yesterday, I did not change or install anything.
I have a SSD 128GB Kingston and 1TB SATA HDD Samsung. OS was on SSD obviously. In BIOS it does recognise the SSD and also when I inserted windows disk to reinstall/ recover windows, I went till the point where you select the hard drive to install the OS on and SSD was available but it was displayed as an absolutely empty. SATA HDD was full as it was.
Is there any way to fix this or does it mean all data I had on SSD is lost and it just vanished? Windows startup recovery did not fix it. And I did not try to reinstall the windows yet.. Thanks for help in advance.
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  1. So I installed windows on my HDD partition, which was 100gb and my SSD is empty..there are only 3 folders which are also empty- PerfLogs, Program Files and Windows.old and bootsqm.dat file.
    So does this mean my SSD simply formatted itself?:S How could it happen?
  2. Your windows has been moved into your windows.old folder... all your files should be there.
  3. Used space on whole SSD is 166mb only and windows old is empty..
    What could be the cause of this? is my SSD faulty?
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