Ati 5770 crossfire cable

The cross fire cable i got with my Asus motherboard (P7P55D-E delux) is too small for the XFX ATI 5770s i bought...
Perhaps it is for Nvidia?
Where can i get the correct cable?
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  1. Not sure about compatability with the XFX card. I had expected them to all be compatable but now with the motherboard cable not working...
    I have not found one for sale on the XFX site and the ones linked are HIS and Sapphire.
    I have submited a quiery to XFX, awaiting a reply.

    How can I determine the correct cable?
  2. Crossfire cables are usually universal, they have the same teeth to connect.

    Sounds like if ASUS shipped an Xfire cable in the box, it's missing, and the one you have is for SLi, since the MoBo supports both. The Xfire bridges are all the same, but they aren't the same as SLi bridges.
  3. In the end XFX is shipping me a cable.
    It is taking some time but will arrive FREE of any charge after I registered the cards online.
  4. Got the cable from XFX and all is well thanks
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