After overcloking my 15-760 it freezes after sometime


I have a i5-760 overclocked to 3.5 GHZ with Gigabyte GA-H55M-D2H motherboard. After overclocking i have run all the tests of prime,OCCT,cinebench all of them didnt show any error but after some time of normal usage or gaming usage sometimes CPU freezes & i am unable to shutdown from shutdown switch only option is to cut the power supply from UPS.

It also make some screeching voice in speakers.

Can you guide what could be wrong it a wrong overclock.
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  1. This happened to a box I fixed. I don't know if it was overheating, or if it was a simple arithmetic error in the settings. I fixed both issues at the same time

    Try watching you temp.
  2. Check the power vrm to see if the phases are overheating. Power vrm phases once they overheat they do not provide stable current to the cpu.
  3. Temp never went up to 55c of CPU. I have a Hyper 212 evo installed with single fan pushing the air
  4. Also what do mean by power VRM
  5. The cpu can be cool but the power vrm on the board that acts as a power supply to the cpu can get very hot. It does get very hot on some boards that lead to a lot of issues. Those little black squares near the cpu that are tiny, those are mosfets and they convert 12v into a lower voltage but at a higher current for the cpu to use. Once they get to hot they don't provide rated current or fail outright.
  6. Can this be an issue i am not using PSU branded PSU like Corsair,seasonic etc.
    Also what would be be my power approx using the mentioned component & how much overclock will differ the same.
  7. At stock the cpu will average around 95w as that is what Intel has it rated for but as you overclock and have to raise voltages as you push 3.8 to 4ghz the power consumption easily more than doubles. 200w is not uncommon. Power supplies can handle the load but the boards don't.
  8. hitting 4ghz i should be using what value of volt for Vcore & other things
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    It really depends on the sample (your cpu) that you bought and how good its quality is. Not all are equal but you need to look at the guides for this platform. I think that should be able to pull off 3.2-3.5ghz without to much trouble but the board is the reason that you won't get far. If you had a quality board 3.8-4.4ghz would be possible.
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