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I have a bunch od CD's. What is easiest way to convert CD music to mp3 format so I don't have to carry lots of cd's on long trip. I have a pc at 700 mhz, a DVD drive and a cd-rw drive, running on Win 98 with cd creator and Nero.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. All the information will be in the Nero help files.
    Just stick the cd in one of your drives (best to have Digital Audio Extraction selected, again, see help files) and press the "make MP3s" buttons or whatever it is in Nero.

    Its really a very simple process, although i'd advise that if you're gonna keep the MP3s or listen to them with reasonable equipment, use at least 128 kbps setting, preferably higher.

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  2. hello,
    this website will answer all your questions on converting CD music to mp3 format.

    * use TABS on the left, to navaigate through website*

    good luck
  3. I have found CDEx (available from an execelent program.

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  4. Musicmatch Jukebox, you can find copies with reg codes on Kazza.

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  5. media player will do it

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  6. 1. Get a decent and precise audio extraction program (EAC and CDex are both fine) and after setting the program to autodetect your drive features extract your CDs.

    2. In EAC (at least, I use EAC and don't remember about CDex) you can set an external program to do the encoding task right after or when you're extracting the audio. If you need MP3s, use LAME. It's the highest quality MP3 encoding codec and is updated regularly (it's free software too). I recommend using the standard preset:

    LAME --preset standard yourfile.wav yourfile.mp3 (for version 3.93.1)
    LAME --alt-preset standard yourfile.wav yourfile.mp3 (for version 3.92)

    OTOH if you want to archive your music so you don't lose any quality, use one of the lossless codecs. The two most hasslefree are Monkey's Audio (.APE) and FLAC (.FLAC). Both are free but FLAC is the one that's open-source. I've heard that support for FLAC is coming for some separate eqipment (e.g. Kenwood Music Keg). It's easier to decode (much less CPU utilization than APE) but will compress less and slower. Both can be played easily with plugins for Winamp.
  7. you can copy cd to mp3 file on the lastes version of windows media player. If your running XP, the media player that came with it shoud be able to do it.
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