Assange is off to Sweden ... then on to the US ??

Well the smile has been wiped off his face and he is on his way to Sweden.

The US have an extradition treaty with Sweden.

Could be a (not quite) round the world trip ... prison surfing??

We will see.
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  1. If Sweden extradites him, it will be interesting to see what we charge him with.

    Last I heard, embarrassing the US government is not even a misdemeanor. If it were, we would be locking up quite a few of our congresscritters.
  2. maybe espionage? dunno though...
  3. Assangionage ... new word for making things "unsecret".

  4. I'm confused. Isn't he being charged with rape in Sweden?
  5. There is always more to the story than what you read in the news ... well I hope so.

    Nothing beats a good conspiracy story ... well maybe an alien conspiracy story ... if it is a really good one.
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