What is using up all of my memory?

When I have 0 applications running my PC is using 1 gig of ram. So when I'm gaming I'll jump up to 1.5-2 gigs. I run games windowed so I can quickly tab to firefox which means I'll go over my 2gig limit sometimes and freeze my pc up.

So like the thread title asks, where exactly is all of this going? Without firefox running they don't add up to even 300 mb. where is the other 600-700mb coming from?

It's dated but here are the specs
athlon 4200 X2
2 gigs ddr ram
windows xp pro sp3

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  1. http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1759

    GO her young Jedi,, and learn which services to shut off,,PLUS it looks like you have a lot of crap on your task bar,serach for pc decrapifier, it's free and make yourself at home at WWW.MAJORGEEKS.COM ...
    You have an awful lot of junk running I just checked here and there are only 28 processes running,, so you have some work and learning to do, have phunn....Running XP PRO SP3...:)
  2. Get rid of AVG and download Microsoft Security Essentials you'll lose about 5 entries.
    You don't need Java updater/jusched.exe running or steam at startup.
    Go to msconfig and post your startup programs you need about 4-6 max i can't even guess how many you have runnng.
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