Computer fans too slow/quiet?

Is this possible? I just built a new PC - Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L MB, Core 2 Wolfdale 8400 3.0gHz with Intel boxed fan, basic case with 120mm fan (3 wire connect.)

Problem? Maybe?
The processor fan and system fan are each running at 800rpm. Now before you jump the gun, the processor is cool as a cucumber at 15 degrees Centigrade. I don't know if there actually is a problem but it is so quiet I actually turned it off at initial boot to be sure I wasn't frying the processor. The power supply (new Corsair 550w) fan also is running but it's also quiet and isn't laboring or tornadic, it just runs and seems OK. One 7500rpm HDD, one simple DVD drive, no other cards and no other software running other than XP and the MB drivers.

Could it be that the system is just operating fine and the fans are nearly unnecessary in my cooler workspace? I thought about pushing the processor a bit to see if the fan speeds would rise automatically, but just didn't go there yet.

Looking for your thoughts. Thanks! :)
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  1. The PSU fan should barely run, your CPU fan will likely pick up speed as the system warms up. Whats the temperature of the room you are in? 15C seems really low for a CPU temp, what are you using to check your temperatures? If your CPU starts to get to hot your motherboard will automatically power down to help protect it so you dont need to worry too much, but your temperature readings do seem suspect to me.
  2. Hi, hunter315. Nice to meet you and thanks for your quick reply. The room the PC is in runs around 60-65 degrees Farenheit. I'm using the Gigabyte utility that came on the MB driver disc to monitor fan speeds and CPU core temp. I thought the readings were suspicious, too. The system is running well. This is a situation I've never encountered. Perhaps I should try Sandra or another system monitoring application? I don't know what's current in the field today. It's been 5 or more years since I ran an alternate monitoring application.
  3. I use HW monitor, there are a few others as well that you could use but HW monitor has worked well for me.

    I would expect your CPU to be no less than 5C above ambient temperature with a stock cooler, if your room is 60-65 its about 15-18C, so i wouldnt expect your CPU to be below about 20-25C. The reading you got was probably from the ambient air sensor at the front edge of the motherboard and not the CPU sensor.
  4. Download and run Coretemp and RealTemp at the same time to measure the temperature of your cpu cores.
  5. +1 with hunter315 and JohnnyLucky.
  6. 15C? Thats 59 degrees Fahrenheit...below your ambient room temperature. Either your temperature monitoring software is wrong or your temperature sensors are incorrect, or you are incorrectly interpreting the readings. Download and Install any of the following CPU monitoring applications: CPUID HW Monitor, Real Temp, Core Temp, CPU Temp. Your motherboard can also come with utilities which you can also. I use Asus's utility, its very nice.

    I think your temps are much higher then that assuming your CPU is running at stock clock.

    But hey, anything is possible, I might be wrong :)
  7. Yep, correction.

    Core 1 44C
    Core 2 33C

    Remounted fan 90 degrees away and the cores are still running the same temps.

    System fan was 800 rpm. It's the 800rpm fan I bought a while ago and quickly forgot that I owned. :sleep:
    Replaced it with a variable model and that's corrected.
    Processor fan was controlled by BIOS and I disabled that feature. Now it runs at 1920.

    Cores still running at the same temps. Under load I can get them to rise about 5-10 degrees. That's it. Guess it's going to stay that way!

    Thanks again for the advice. :wahoo:
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