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I need to know how to remove the right only property on my external hard drive
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  1. Hello

    Can you provide details about the drive (Make, Model) and what you are trying to do?
  2. I have a terabyte seagate hard drive that the usb port was broken off so i replaced the casing with a seagate go-flex desk adapter usb 3.0 when i plug it in I am asked to format the disk but when I allow it to continue with the formatting I get an error say that this device cannot be formatted either I/o error or check your device it may be read only. If there is a way i would like to keep the information already stored on the device.
  3. " ..... the usb port was broken off so i replaced the casing ... "

    What is this "casing" that you are referring to? Is this an external enclosure? Please provide the model number.
  4. barracuda 7200 is the model number on the hard disk itself i don't have the casing on hand the go flex cable that i used in place of the casing is Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk Desktop Adapter - USB 3.0 STAE106 you can look up the specks on amazon
  5. Connect the Seagate HDD to the computer if you have a desktop computer. If not get an external enclosure and install the HDD inside the enclosure.

    Now you will be able to retrieve data from the HDD.
  6. I have an external enclosure for it but after I connect it i get an error saying that it cannot be formatted and then when i close that window I get another message saying Check to see that the disk and drive are connected properly, make sure that the disk is not read-only, and then try again. I have tried going through administrative tools to format the disk but that does not work either
  7. Try the easy approach first. Connect this disk to the computer by attaching it to one of the motherboard's SATA ports. Restart the computer and activate this port. Now check whether this HDD is recognized in the BIOS, and proceed with formatting.

    If the above does not work, here is some info to update the drivers: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927520

    If none of these approaches work, then the HDD may be bad (failed).
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