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Hi. I am totally new to water cooling. I am mostly doing it for the fun of building it and the possible advancement I might get regarding OC.

I will only water cool my CPU which is a Core i5 I5-3570K.

I will need to order all the components from http://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/vandkoeling-217s.html if possible or some other Danish site, so it you could look in what the site offers then I will not stand in a situation where I cannot get what you´d recommend.

These are the components that I would like in my build. What pump that is going to fit (I want my pump to run of pc PSU) and radiator is what I need help with. I am lookin for a 2x120mm radiator
CPU cooling head http://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/ek-supremacy-plexi-2915p.html
Resovair http://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/ek-multioption-res-2816p.html
Fans http://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/yate-loon-120mm-1831p.html 1350RPM

Help is greatly appreciated:)
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  1. Have you read the watercooling sticky? There is a section dedicated to first-time users/buyers.
  2. Hej Rubix.
    I have read the watercooling sticky and and several of its links. It is very very comprehensive and I am getting overflown with information. To be honest even though it explains it I do not really appreciate the full concept of fin per inch and how many there should be if I use this or that fan. And furthermore I do not know how big my pump need to be or what brands that are considered good. I am probaly not the sharpest when it comes to this to be honest!

    I have tried to look at some of the recommendations but they do not sell them on the website I refered too as far as I can see.
  3. This would be a cost effective pump for your loop and you wouldn't need the reservoir (the EK multi) that you have listed, unless you wanted it.

    This could be a solution that would be a pump and CPU block all in one:

    Most of the pumps on this page would be fine, just be aware that you will need fitting sizes to match the tubing sizes you choose.


    I understand that there is a lot of information listed in the sticky, but that is the intention. The idea is that you aren't making a snap decision within a matter of minutes and based on zero topic knowledge. It is meant to be a learning experience where the user reads and understands the content so they can make an educated decision on what to purchase, why to purchase and how to install and support what they chose to purchase. I'm trying to relay the message that if you are unable to understand what you need for your build, you possibly shouldn't be purchasing anything at this time until you have gained the understanding of these concepts.

    We're here to help, but we aren't here to just give you all the answers; this does you no good in the long run.
  4. I get where you are coming from and you are absolutely right. I must study. :)
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