Possible ram/motherboard issue

Well last night I installed windows 7 along with 2 extra gigs of ram. The problem I am having is everytime I do anything even a small folder copy my cpu usage jumps up to about 50%. It returns back to 1%, but with cpu usage acting so sporatic I don't want to run anything to demanding to truly test it. I might just be paranoid but your help is greatly appreciated.

Sys specs-
Win 7 64 bit
6 gigs of ram
intel core 2 quad cpu q9650 @ 3ghz
Ati 5770 direct x 11

P.s. I downloaded speedfan to help determine what might be wrong, but I'm having trouble understanding what the different temps are and voltages.
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  1. Then don't be so paranoid. The cpu usage is supposed to vary with load and the energy saving software. Realtime cpuz will also vary the settings while watching it on some systems. Speedfan may not be accurate with your motherboard. Extreme low or high readings are an indicator of inaccuracy. Temps mostly in the 40-60c range are what you want. If your power supply is a good brand, such as antec, corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, or some ocz, you won't need to monitor voltages.
  2. Yea I just wanted to make sure before I ran anything demanding so I don't mess anything up. Everything is between 38-53 on speedfan, and the voltages look normal I was just worried about the overly sporatic cpu usage on both speedfan and windows gadget.
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