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I've never heard of this idea, and wanted to see if it is possible.

I have a dell dimension 9200C with a pentium d @ 2.99 ghz, 2 gigs of ram, and integrated graphics.
First off, I am looking for a decent low profile half hight video card under $50. Any suggestions?

Now, for my idea. It's not technically building a computer, but I want to know if it is possible to take out all the components and paste them on th wall, so that it looks kind of like a piece of art.
Would it be dangerous (any chance of being electrocuted)?

Also, because it is out of the case, can I take off the heat sink and fan, or do I still need them?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Well you could put them on the wall, as long as the wall isn't conductive. You could get shocked by them, if you touched some of the parts, while the system is running. I also wouldn't take off the HSF or any cooling devices, because they are needed.
  2. It would only be dangerous for the parts if you touched them. If it's something like hotglue (which I would assume is non-conductive, and you'll probably want something not that hot) you could glue stuff to a picture frame and hang it. You would absolutely need the fan for the CPU, you just wouldn't need case fans, since the room is the case. Why would it need to be low profile if it's free hanging? Though you would need a way to secure it.

    Edit: I want pictures.

    Also is it AGP or not?
  3. I can't get pictures now, but I will soon.
    It's a PCI-E port though.
    Is there any way I could like coat the electronics so that it wouldn't be dangerous?
    Also, do you have any suggestions for a fan of some sort?
    The picture frame would look a bit messy, though. I need to find another way to secure it. Hmmm...
  4. I wouldn't "coat" the electronics, because they need to breath too. You could attach the mobo tray to a piece of wood or plastic and hang that onto the wall. Shouldn't be too hard, but your going to have cables hanging around on the wall too, so I'm not sure how your going to deal with those, but just something to consider.
  5. any other tips?
  6. I meant I want pictures after, when it's done. With that CPU a HD 4670 should just about max it out. Well you could have a something behind the mobo tray and that's where most of the wires hang out. You only need the fan that should already be on the CPU, unless this is a BTX thing, then you may need to add something. (and the fan that will come on a graphics card.
  7. The problem is I only have a 275 watt power supply. Will it be able to run a hd 4670 and a new cpu fan (my current one doesn't work well and makes an annoying whirring noise)?
    Lastly, what could of games could I play with a pentium d @ 2.8 ghz, 2 gigs of ram, an hd4670, and windows 7?
  8. Well if it's a quality 275w PSU you might be fine. The 4670 doesn't require any extra power (just the 75w supplied by the PCI-e slot), so you might be fine.

    You should be able to play any recent game with the 4670, you might just have to turn down some of the effects or maybe the resolution (depending on the game).
  9. For the sake of your RAM I hope you're running the 32-bit version. I ran the 64-bit RC, and saw a difference of like 30 framespersec between XP and Win7.

    Assuming that CPU is similar to my secondary comp's 4600+ x2 then with that GPU it can run Dawn of War 2 maxed at 720p
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