GA-EP45-UD3P not working with Nvidia 250GTS

Just put together a computer with the GA-EP45-UD3P mobo and a Nvidia 250 GTS. The card is tested and working but is not working on this board. I put in a ATI 4870 into the same slot and it works fine. HELP Thanks
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  1. I have the same board and my 8800GTS works fine after 'upgrading' from a 3870.

    There are many things you can check and one of them could be your power supply. Maybe the card isn't getting enough power from it.

    Make sure and uninstall all the ATi drivers as they might be interfering with the Nvidia card.

    More info will be needed to help you further as everyone will be guessing what your set up is and simple through ideas at you.
  2. The psu is fine and it even powers a 5970. With the gts 250 I don't even get a post screen. The card works and has been tested.
  3. Ok. Try uninstalling the ATi drivers before the gts250 and see if that makes any difference.
  4. I don't even get a post screen with the GTS 250 installed so drivers are not an issue. The gts 250 was the first card I used with the new MOBO and it didn't work then I installed the 4870 and got a post screen. Maybe I need a BIOS update or setting??? I tested the GTS 250 in my other MOBO and it worked fine.
  5. I guess. Try the bios update and see what happens. Read the white paper on the bios versions to see if they will help with you problem.
  6. flashed the BIOS and still nothing.
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