Choosing a case. Is PSU dust filter necessary?

Is PSU dust filter necessary?

I'm asking this because I wonder why many popular cases don't have it. (eg. Coolermaster CM690, Thermaltake element T, ...)

If yes, please recommend me cases that have the filter. The budget is around $100

Thank you in advance !
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  1. No, I wouldn't say a PSU filter is necessary. If popular cases don't have it, and it wouldn't really cost a lot to implement, wouldn't you think it's not necessary? ;)
    I'd just take out the PSU every so often and just clean up the fan and back grill.
    The case I have - Raven RV01 - has a dust filter for the PSU, it traps a LOT of dust, but I don't know if it actually helps the PSU yet lol.
  2. Do not put a dust filter on the power supply fan if the fan is removing hot air from inside the case.

    A dust filter is not necessary but could be used if the power supply fan is pulling in fresh air from outside the case.

    In other words, it depends on the configuration.
  3. Putting a dust filter on the outside of a PSU (which I assume is what you are asking) will just tend to trap dust inside the PSU.
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    A dust filter does two things. If captures some dust and prevents it from flowing through. It also substantially reduces the flow of air through it (compare to no filter). And as time goes on, the more dust it accumulates, the more it slows down the air flow.

    I ALWAYS want dust filters on INTAKES of air. But the fan on the back of a PSU is blowing OUT of the case, so a filter there could only prevent dust from inside from contaminating your room - not a big priority, and NOT worth restricting the air flow out of the PSU. Now, a fan on the INLET of the PSU (as air flows from inside the computer case through the PSU) might make some sense, BUT then you have to remember to go inside and clean it. Otherwise your PSU will slowly start to heat up as the filter gets clogged. I would not do that.
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