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Ok ive already asked once before on motherboards but now that the time has come im back and forth between what to get. Now ive decided crossfire will be a must so my choices were cut down more making it even harder to pick. I already purchased a 5770 and using it in my current pc so the thought of adding another one down the road when i feel its needed is alot nicer then dumping the one i have and buying a higher card. Next comes the issue of new chipsets/sata/usb but im still kinda confused on what exactly the difference is on the chipsets after reading around. I would really like to get a mobo that will be future proof for a few years. Id rather upgrade my cpu then the whole computer again in a year or 2. Now that ive rambled for a while ill get to the point lol. I never use the rebates so i dont factor that into the cost. All i need to finish my computer is the cpu/mobo/ram if anyone knows a decent combo price for 2 of the 3 cause i havent found any for amd :/ I will be using it mainly for games but i like to do alot on the computer so upgrading to a 6 core would be nice when the pricing gets to my range. I do not and will not have a need for usb3 and sata6 at the moment but nice to have the option there without having to add a card later. Would like to keep the total cost under 300 for cpu/mobo/ram

Things id like to know

Would the 30$ upgrade be worth it between the 790 and 890

Which one has a more user friendly bios for a semi new to overclocking person and unlocking. Not choosing the cpu based on that it would just be nice to play with and possibly get lucky or even just the l3 cache :P

Any real difference in the chipsets worth upgrading for

I kinda like the layout on the 790 more but onboard video would be a nice backup is that worth going for compared to the 890 features


The rest of the build i already have
Rosewill Destroyer
Sapphire 5770
Antec NeoPower 650

Cpu and ram

x3 445 Possibly something else depending on prices when i order
Not so sure on ram anymore till i figure out the board and what will work with it from what im finding the 890 is picky

Upgrading when needed
Radeon 5770 for crossfire
x6 amd
psu if the cpu/5770 upgrade will need it

Cart price at the moment with the 1600 ram and 890+445 is $303 the 790+445 is $277so only $26 difference hard to choose :/. I will probably hold off on ordering till the next deals add comes up to see what it has. Hoping for some amd since there hasnt been many lately
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  1. 64 views and not 1 owns either? :/
  2. My views. Don't own either board though.

    I would pick the Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 mainly because it features SATA III and USB 3.0. Sure, you might not use them now, but a USB 3.0 card costs ~ $30 anyway.
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