Can't Enable SLI/Can't Use Control Panel

Just reinstalled windows 7, have all the updates. I downloaded the latest driver from nvidia, although strangely I had to do so through ie8 because that was the only browser that would correctly open nvidia's downloads. I installed it,and the copmputer installed during the installation(which had never happened before). I check gpu-z and it says I'm running the latest driver, yet I can't open the nvidiacontrol panel to enable sli. When I right click the desktop, the option for the control panel doesn't come up and when I do a windows search I can't find it.
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    For ATI's CCC it allows you to download either the core display driver, the full suite, just CCC, or just the HDMI driver.
    Make sure you downloaded the control panel.
  2. Ok I've got it all good now.
  3. How do you download Nvidia's control panel on it's own? :??:
  4. I searched their website for it but the closest I came was finding a performance monitor. I broke down and tried a re-download which surprisingly worked and installed the monitor.
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