Finding a Re-installation disc for Win XP Pro


I have an old Compag Evo D51C CMT XP and it has a huge amount of viruses that cannot be removed with a virus protection software.

So I wanted to reinstall Windows XP on it, however we bought the computer through a third-party and we do not have the discs, nor can we get them. The "i386" folder is not on the hard drive, and pressing a certain key on boot-up does not work.

So to remove the virus, would purchasing a new copy of Windows XP be the best solution? If so, where can I purchase such a thing?

I really have no idea how to fix it. I've searched on the web and on this site before, but found no results for what I need.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!


P.S. This is my first time posting on this site, if I posted in the wrong section, I apologize.
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  1. finding XP may be troublesome, may want to check ebay for it these days. you can try to contact compaq to get the restore disks as well. just make sure if you purchase XP on your own you get a copy that matches the license on your PC, otherwise you will not be able to activate it.
  2. Thank you for the fast answer!

    What do you mean by a "License"?

    Also, would something like this work:

    What is this "Certificate of Authenticity"? How do I know if I have the right one? As many people on E-bay say to be sure I have the right COA?

    P.S. The Compaq Evo is refurbished I believe.
  3. Any ideas about the last post? Would buying a new copy of Windows XP do the trick? Do I need a COA?

  4. Steve,

    Is it possible to still run programs on the machine? It may be possible to recover your XP CD Key, and therefore save you some money and time with the machine.
  5. Yes, it's possible to run programs, however it's extremely slow and my anti-virus software is constantly popping up. Is CD Key the same as a Product Key?

    Because there is a COA label on the outside of the machine with a Product key.

  6. What you want to do is use a second computer to recover your files.
    Install the bad drive as a second drive on a working computer.
    Use the good computer to recover the files, and back them up to a thumb drive.
    Now, reformat the old drive entirely. Slow complete format.
    Now, install Win 7 on the formatted drive. Put your backed up files on the new OS.

    Don't bother with XP anymore. The longer you wait, the more problems you will have. It's not worth it.

    Install a professional all in one antivirus. Don't use free security downloaded from the internet. OR have you learned that lesson yet?
  7. Thanks for the reply soundguruman!

    I don't really want to get Win 7 because I have a different computer, but I would like a cheap second one to "multi-task" and such, I have them setting next to eachother on the same table. And isn't Win 7 fairly expensive? I don't want to spend too much money on it.

    I already have all of the files I want to keep off of the infected computer, I considered installing Ubuntu, but unfortunately, the little game I want to play on it, isn't supported by Ubuntu.

    I had a fairly expensive anti-virus software, but I'm told that this is a powerful and overpowering virus. Or multiple viruses, my anti-virus software works, but there are so many that it can't delete all of them because they keep coming back.

  8. Thanks mike, but I suppose my topic title is wrong and misleading.

    What I really want is for someone to tell me where to find a Windows XP Pro re-installation disc so I can restore the computer to original settings.

    I will change the topic title now.
  9. again, that is an older system ( we sold those in our retail stores about 5 years ago, now we just scrap them) best thing to do is try to contact compaq. the COA is the tag on the outside of your machine, on those I believe it was on the top. it will have 6 sets of numbers and letters. THAT is your license key. on that same sticker it will say windows XP home or windows XP Professional. whichever one is says is the version you need to buy to activate your machine. They also have a MAR version, aka Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers version which gives you a refurbished key to use, but that may be a bit complicated. On that system, it was suggested that you upgrade to Win7, I don't believe all of the hardware in those machines are supported by Win7 and you probably wont be able to run it without running into problems with hardware drivers due to the age of the machine. Windows XP is going to be supported through Microsoft until 2014 so your still okay to install it. although MS will not put out another Service pack for it, you will still get security updates and hotfixes until that time.
  10. Thanks penguintech!

    Your 100% correct, I have the COA, on top, it says "Windows XP Professional". I agree, I highly doubt Win 7 will even work in that computer, however I'm unsure of where to buy a copy of Windows XP?

    I'm also in the process of building a new computer, however it will naturally not have an OS to start with, and since it's for gaming I would prefer Windows rather than Linux. Win 7 is too expensive at $99 and again, I'm unsure of where I can get a copy of Windows XP. If I make an iso copy of my existing Win XP installation and put it on a cd, will I need a license key to install it on the computer I'm building?

  11. Is that the only one, or is that just the first one you found? Because that's still a bit too expensive, however it's better than Win 7 for 100 bucks.

    What about this idea:
    "If I make an iso copy of my existing Win XP installation and put it on a cd, will I need a license key to install it on the computer I'm building? "
  12. The one i posted from ebay has a key with it!
  13. Ah, I see!

    It appears that this would work as well, correct?

    If it does, then I think this problem is solved!
  14. Never heard of the site but may work.
  15. I've never heard of them either, but it says this:


    Package Includes:

    (1) Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Professional License COA as pictured.

    (1) Install Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-Bit Install Disc as pictured (Dell or HP disc not locked, can use on any computer or laptop..

    Guaranteed to work on any Brand of PC/Laptop, not just DELL/HP"

    So it should work?

    But it's also an OEM disc, however it says "Guaranteed to work on any Brand of PC/Laptop, not just DELL/HP"

    What are your thoughts?
  16. I've never have gone in that direction,might work.I just don't like the look of the site.
  17. I see, then maybe I'll have to go with the link you provided.

    Anyway, one more, quick question:
    "If I make an iso copy of my existing Win XP installation and put it on a cd, will I need a license key to install it on the computer I'm building?"

    And would it be legal?
  18. Yes a new license will be needed.
  19. Ok, I see.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

  20. Your welcome.
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