Need temporary replacement card

:fou: i need a temp card my 9800gt is dead, i am going to buy an new computer and card in 2 months i am just going to be playing left 4 dead 2 ccs

i was think of these

8600gt 512
hd 4350 512
hd 4550 512
7900gt 512
2600 xt 256mb

i was jsut going to buy an used one off ebay of so
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  1. get 4670, that should be enough.... :)
    or 8600gt.
  2. ... Yeah I don't like any of those choices.

    The 7900gt 512MB would generally be a little faster than the 8600, but there may be some driver issues using it on a newer motherboard, (discontinued support and all). Of course, it's only a DX9 card. Of the DX10 cards the 8600gt 512 would be the fastest. The 2600XT would be limited by the small 256MB and the 4550/4350 would be crap for any recent games.

    If you're buying something used off of eBay then just go with a Radeon 3850 512MB as they should be rather cheap and are much faster than the cards you listed.
  3. If you are going to be building a new system in two months don't bother wasting money on a temporary card. Just buy the video card for it a few months early.
    What resolution is your monitor? Or what it will be on your new one if you are upgrading it to go with the new system.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  5. i'm guessing your waiting for Fermi?
  6. i am waiting for Fermi what about eForce 8800GS Superclocked 384MB i found one for 30us on ebay people are selling the hd 3850 for 100 or more i mean really, also an 2900xt for 499us is the 2900xt some type of super card thats way to much, i game at 1280-960 :fou:
  7. That's a good choice. It should OCs very well up to around 700mhz which should make it similar to a 8800/9800GT
  8. I meant the 8800GS BTW.
  9. since it only has 384mb :o would i be able to max out left 4 dead 2
  10. OCed and at low resolutions (1280x1024 and below) it should be able to handle that or come quite close. L4D2 isn't very intensive on GPUs.
  11. ^+1

    Surprised that 3850s would be running that high on eBay. I haven't checked lately myself. I got my second 3850 for like $50 new early last year, so $100 for a used one just seems insane.

    Anyway the 8800GS should be fine for now. As jyjjy said, you shouldn't be too concerned about the 384mb of RAM.
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