Xfx 8800gs

I have cooler master extreme power plus 500w psu 12 rail @ 18 amp is enough for xfx 8800gs
pc confi is
amd x4 9850be
asus m3n78-em
2*2 4gb ram 800mhz
250 gb hdd sata
80 gb ata
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  1. Are you sure that isn't 18 amps for one of the +12v rails? That's extremely low for a 500w PSU and cooler master isn't that bad of a brand.
  2. Yeah, I looked it up. It has two 18 amp 12v rails. It should be more than fine for that card.
  3. Agreed, as that card uses maybe minimum 16 amps, youll be fine
  4. r u sure abt amp
  5. thank for help
  6. what about 9600gt
  7. Yes that PSU will run a 9600GT too.
    Do you own that PSU or planning to buy it?
  8. Itll also be fine. 18 amps, up to a 250 9800 type card, no higher, and 9800gtx would be pushing it, but still would work
  9. i m not change my psu right now so which 1 is good gpu for me.
  10. Id get the 9600, as the 8800gs can be worse, depending on exact model
  11. 8800gts 512 on 18amp? 8800gts or 9600gt
  12. If its the 512 MB ram, get that, and yes itll work
  13. 18 amp enough for 8800 gts ?
  14. Yes, close, but enough
  15. An 8800GTS 512mb is the same card as the 9800 GTX or GTX+ or GTS 250 FYI.
    If you tell us your budget and resolution we could make a better recommendation.
  16. my budget is 10000rs
  17. HD 5770 is the best card in your budget.
    Here is the link to its price:

    It is better than any other card mentioned in this thread so far.And its power consumption is very low.
    Your PSU will easily handle the card.
  18. what about the amp 18 amp enough for 5770?
  19. You do not have an 18 amp PSU. Your power supply has TWO +12v rails at 18 amps each totaling 36 amps. It should be enough for any single GPU card.
  20. But yes, buy the HD5770.
  21. 1 is 6 pin & other 4pin
  22. 4 pin is for your motherboard, that one 6 pin will be for the 5770. Check if it says PCie anywhere on the 6pin.
  23. 2 +12v rails does not mean 2 connectors. Your PSU is more than fine for any of the cards being discussed. Stop worrying about it.
  24. jyjjy:
    so my psu is ok for gts 250 ther e is problem?
  25. s but only 18amp
    what about gts 250
  26. The 250, the 8800GTs the 9800GTX are all basically the same card, with tweaks, and all use the same power, or close, and your 18 amps on your psu is fine
  27. Thanks for help. gts 250 is good gpu?????????? :bounce: :hello:
  28. It will play all games well, except crysis in full, but yes, great card
  29. what about hd 4850 on my psu
    4850 or 250
    If this is your power supply, it has one PCIe power connector and 2 x 18A rails with a max combined +12V of 360W (30A).

    I like the GTS250/HD 5750/5770 recommendations. Stay clear of the HD 4870 which need 2 power leads and have higher consumption.

    Are you OC'in that 9850BE? Those are power hungry chips, plus 2 HDD's to factor into the calculations. I found a 3.4GHz X4 9950 + HD 4870 to consume 485W from AC source under full load. Don't try that on your PSU.,2304-13.html
  31. s right psu. 1 6pin & 2 4pin. so which 1 u suggest. I m totally confuse. I not change my psu. gts 250 is good for me :sweat: :sarcastic:
  32. Dont overclock your cpu, and yes the 250 is great for your psu, which you dont need to change, if you dont over clock
  33. If you tell us your budget we could make a better recommendation.
  34. Also the native resolution of your monitor.
  35. 10000 rs & monitor 22inch p2250 Samsung.
  36. sandeep gaikwad said:
    10000 rs & monitor 22inch p2250 Samsung.

    I've already told you HD5770 is the best card in your budget which is better than GTS250/4850.
    It is on par with HD4870 which also costs RS10000. But HD4870's power consumption is a bit high.
    And you also get DX11 with HD5770.

    So just get a HD5770.
  37. Yes, it's the obvious choice.
  38. The best thing is HD4870, HD5770, GTX 260 all are the same price in our country!

    But Your PSU allows only a HD5770. Which ain't a bad deal.
  39. 5750????????????
  40. It is equal to 4850/GTS250 in performance.But why bother if you can get 5770??
  41. thanks :D
  42. Best answer
    sandeep gaikwad said:
    thanks :D

    Best Answer is better than thanx. :D :D
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