Programs won't run from HDD after installing SSD


I did a clean install of windows 7 on a new SSD. I have the SSD set as my boot drive, but my programs will not run from my hard drive. Each program when launched says a file is missing. I tried changing the path of program files in regedit but the error persists. Do I have to delete the old version of windows 7 from the HDD? Or am I missing a step somewhere. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Did you reinstall the programs under the new version of Windows that you installed onto the SSD? Most programs won't run just because their EXE files are sitting on the disk, they have to be installed under whatever version of Windows you boot from.
  2. No I didn't reinstall any programs. I tried to reinstall skyrim for instance, and I still got the error. Do I have to format the hard drive and reinstall everything that way?
  3. You shouldn't have to reformat the hard drive. But you do need to be sure that after you install the program under your new incarnation of windows that you use shortcuts that point to the new installation to run the program. Using shortcuts left over from the original installation may cause problems.
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