Water cooling sli, but one card is 20 degrees hotther than the other.

Is this normal? Is there a way to check if these temps are really true? I am currently using furMark to stresstest my card, and it's showing these temps: card 1: 31 degrees, card 2: 50.

thanks for answering
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  1. Your GPU temps should be within 1-2C of each other.

    Seems like you have an airlock or blockage. How are your blocks configured for flow?
  2. Major brain fart. Forgot to toggle sli-mode in nvidia control panel. Sry, mods please delete post, this thread is a little embarrassing.
  3. Are you now seeing correct temps under load/idle?
  4. Yes! The bottom card is only warmer by about 3 degrees.
  5. Good news! I can close this thread, but it's a good lesson for anyone to read. I would have been far more concerned if you were seeing those temps at idle instead of load.
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