Kingston Hyperx + OCZ Platinum! please help a me!

Hi all,

I Currently have 2 sticks of kingston hyperX KHX64000D2LL/1gn stock 2.0v.
I have purcashed 2 sticks of Ocz ocz2p800r22gk, which says stock 1.8v.

When I put the OCZ into my system, my mobo wont Post, and I get the mem error beep code.

I have removed the kingston ram and the system boots up fine with the ocz, Therefore my question is are these compatible?

is the volatage or latencies causing the problem?

is there a way i can reduce the kingston vcore so it ran with the ocZ?

Thank-you in advance

P.S. If these are not compatible and i will sell the kingston as it seems faster, is this correct? as I always thought OCZ was superior.
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  1. I forgot to add my spes

    Asus P5KPL EPU
    X1950 PRO
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