Outlook Express 6.0 conflict with outlook 2000 or something else.

Because of my severe vision impairment I must use Outlook 2000 v9.0.0.2711 Contacts and Calendar.

I am considering downloading Outlook Express 6.0 as my email client to replace Eudora 5.1 (which is easy on my vision problem, later vesrions not so much).

Is it possible to install Express 6.0 and not erase or conflict with my version of Outlook?

Thanks, Jack Weaver
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  1. I don't see a problem with that, Outlook 2000 is packaged with MS Office and OE usually provided by MS with Internet Explorer downloads and upgrades. Not only can you run both, although I suggest you set one as default mail handler, but you can import all e-mail and settings from Outlook to OE without much trouble.
  2. Cyberat_8, thanks,

    I successfully installed and tried OE 6/0 and there is no conflict. I will probably leave the two programs separate since it works that way.

    Thanks for your help and advice,

    Jack Weaver
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