Faulty Hard Drive?

Okay this is going to sound really stupid but want confirmation. I've bought a Western Digital HDD Caviar Green. I took it out the box and it makes a sound as if someone has put a couple grams of sand or something in it. Am i right in thinkink this is broken?
This leads to my second question (only seems to be now that i have the option), what would be better/faster? A WD Caviar green and OCZ Vertex 3 SSD or just a WD Caviar Black HDD?

Caviar Green

Caviar Black

Vertex 3
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  1. I have a Caviar Green 2T byte drive and it is very quiet running outside the case. However the stepper motor can cause the case to resonate making it sound loud. Check that this is not the case before returning it.
    My Caviar Green was a gift, but given the choice I would have bought a Caviar Black. Whether you get the Vertex 3 or not depends on if you need the storage capacity or the speed.
  2. I haven't even taken it out of the anti static bag yet. It was making a rattling noise so I posted on hear to see if it should be making a noise?
  3. I have not tried shaking my Caviar green.
    I just tried shaking some of my other working drives (gently) to see if they rattled and one of them did when shaken up and down. I would try the drive and see if it works.
  4. Okay cheers, will do.
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