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Fairly new PC builder here, just put together my first rig a couple weeks ago. I'm having fun really getting to know how things work and a Toms Hardware has helped me out a ton.

Anyway on to my question....I know the TPU Switch on my Mobo can be switched on for an easy automatic over clock, but what is the difference between this and the automatic over clocking from within AI suite? Are they actually one and the same?

This is just purely out of curiosity. When I do in fact go to over clock my CPU I plan on doing it from this Bios like most here recommend.

Which brings me to one more question...Why is manually overclocking within the Bios almost always preferred over the automatic options? I can't remember ever coming across any definitive answers. Most things I've seen just simply say "Manually from the Bios is safer" or something of the like.

Looking forward to hearing some answers.
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    it's not necessarily safer to be manual, but all motherboards over compensate with voltage, which creates unnecessary heat, and wears your chip out faster

    if you get a good overclock from the auto program, then lower the voltage, that would work as well :P
  2. I could use the settings AI suite gives me and then adjust manually in the Bios from using those as a starting point.
  3. yep, though AI suite's auto overclocker takes tons of time and leaves you unsure if it's doing anything or not (sits at a black screen)
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