My Mobo is dead?

Hi guys...

This afternoon, i opened my PC and take out everything from the inside, because i want to change CPU cooler from Thermaltake Blue Orb Mini to Zigmatek HDT S1283...
After all is done, i boot my PC, but it won't make beep sound like always do.
All the fans are spinning including graphic card fan, but not with CPU fan.
I already re-assemble, re-attach cables connector, clearing CMOS, take out CMOS battery, tried different 12v rail for mobo power, but all came with no result...

My mobo GA 965P-DS3 and PSU SilverStone ST-50F 500W (2x 12v rails with 18A each).

So, is it really my mobo is dead?

Thank you for all of your attention... :)
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  1. Hi.

    Or maybe the CPU aren't properly installed.
  2. Hmm, okay, tomorrow i will try to reseat the cpu...
    It's a tough job, it's so difficult to install this cooler...
    thanks saint, i'll report again tomorrow. :)
  3. Ok, I will check tomorrow.
  4. The CPU fan cable connects to a 4 pin header on the motherboard near the PCU socket. If the CPU fan is not spinning, then the fan cable isn't connected either. Working with the CPU heat sink and its fan cable, and CPU can be tedious and in a cramped space, but you need to also check carefully after evaluating the CPU and repositioning the heat sink that the heat sink fan does spin, or you will has a very hot CPU.
  5. There is a specific cable that plugs into the motherboard for the CPU to draw power from. Your motherboard appears to have the socket just above the CPU and is 4 Pin. Just make sure that is the right one. If that is not plugged in the PC wont boot to protect the CPU. Otherwise make sure you havent earthed the motherboard to the case somehow.
  6. okay, problem is solved.
    My UPS is not enough provides power for my system (3 years old).
    When i hook my pc into the wall socket then blam... It run without problem.
    Thank you for all the input, guys, i appreciate it. :)

    now it's time to try OC'ing my cpu...
  7. Good now enjoy ur OC.
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