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Hello Folks i have a rather iratating problem with both computers dvd drives.
on one computer i have one Lg dvd player and a standard Hp dvd.
On the other computer i have a one Memorex dvd player and a upgraded HP dvd player.

All four dvd players for most part work great , Im also running W7 on both machines fully updated.

The problem lies in when i load a dvd into a player ( any one i choose ) , and i want to open the dvd to get a file , it will lag for somtime or it will open right away.

sometimes it will not even open i will get a blank screen , and a bar will go across the top indicating it will opn soon, but will not.

I will have to restart the computer and try again to open file , it will somtimes work sometimes it wont.

it would appear its a software problem with W7 64 bit ULT , im not for sure.

If im wrong but should it not open right away .

Ive tried updating drivers , but that does not help.

like i said it will open and just sit there forever before any reaction or it will open right away but mostly not.

Like right now i have clicked on a folder and it still has not opened , it might if i click on it again.

Is that a bug with W7 or am i missing something.

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  1. This type behavior can happen on disks that are of poor quality and are on the edge of the ability of the drive to read them. You can get this behavior on the cheap magazine mass produced DVD's or on DVD's that you have burnt yourself that are of inferior quality. If you are sure that the disks are OK then this behavior is often the sign of a failing drive. I think that it is unlikely that it is a Windows or software problem.
  2. HHHmmm now that i thinking of it the disk that it mostly does this on are my FSX flightsim dvd,s , i have worn them out , so the best way to solve this problem is to go out and get another copy of Microsoft flight sim.

    Now that im thinking of that , that may be where im having problems.

    Im sure my drives are fine , like i said it happens on both machines .

    I will go out and get a second new copy and then burn them on some real good dvd,s and see what happens.

    Thanks for the help.......Robert
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