GTX260 in alienware m17x

Is this worth having on its own to run 1920x1200, or is it worth the 400 bucks for a 2nd in sli? I am going to push for the 2nd card because the original pc was purchased with sli config.

I am getting a replacement laptop for my xps m1730 with sli 8700gts and it has failed that many times in 2 years dell had FINALLY decided to replace it with a "new equivalent" model. Most of the specs are below in my signature, could some one tell me what they assume would be equivalent from the current options on,&vw=builder&c=au&l=en&s=dhs&cs=audhs1&kc=&oc=S510606AU&~lt=alienware

Any thoughts would be great, even about dell themselves

Please keep in mind i am in Australia so i may not get all the options from the US or Europe.

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  1. If you want to play at 1920x1200 then go for 2 GTX 280Ms they are worth it,however you can get 2 GTX 260Ms if the price difference is much.
  2. Off the top of my head, the upgrade to 2 x gtx260m is 400 bucks but the 2xgtx280m are about 1200! so i dont think that will be the a realistic option, as this is supposed to be a replacement for my xps m1730 which i have had for 2 years, but with constant issues!

    have you ever had any experience with dell directly?
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    Yes i had XPS M1730 and it went bad but since Dell hasn't any warranties in Iran i sold it.
    And wow $800 more for roughly 15% more performance isn't worth it
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