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hai i am planing to buy a graphics card for my PC. My main use of grapics card is to play games nd to use softwares like maya. i have got two options

1.ATI Radeon
2. Nvidia Geforce 9400GT

Which one is better?
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  1. ...
    need more info for ATI card that u mentioned above.. :)
    List the rest of your system here(CPU,RAM,PSU,Monitor) and how much do u want to spend?
  2. ^^^^^^

    Post your system specs too.

    I would suggest you to take a look at 5750 and GTS 250.
    Both are great performers at 1920x1200

    You should consider these seriously

  3. well you cant really use a 9400gt or any ati equivalent for gaming....Current games will not give 16fps even at minimum settings with those cards....
  4. Yeah, the 9400GT is definitely not a gaming card and "ATI Radeon" tells us nothing about what card you actually mean.
    If you are on a tight budget as mentioning the 9400GT would indicate then the HD4670 would be a decent card for low resolution gaming and it's probably the cheapest one you should consider.
  5. ^^^

    RADEON 4670 HD
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