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Hey i just bought a gainward 9800gt 1gb green edition card. link here -> Green edition basically means that you do not need to connect an external power supply cable to it. I bought this card because i was worried that my crappy stock psu (400w) :P would not be able to cope if i hooked up a standard or an overclocked version of this card.

I was wondering if there is much of a performance difference between the two?

GE - GPU Clockspeed : 550 MHz
- Memory Clockspeed : 900 MHz
- Shader clock speed 1325 MHz
- Bandwidth : 57.6 GB/s

Standard - GPU clockspeed : 600Mhz
- Memory Clockspeed : 900Mhz
- Shader Clock speed : 1500Mhz
- Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 57.6Gb/s

And also wondering wether it would i should to go ahead and connect it to my power supply for extra performance or OC potential,ect? (My card recommends a 450W PSU)
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  1. As the numbers indicate the card is 8.3% slower. Not a huge deal but you should be able to easily put the card back up to its normal speeds using software such as rivatuner;
    You cannot connect your card to your PSU. It doesn't have a connector to do so. If it does then it should definitely be plugged in.
  2. The difference between the two should be nearly nothing. 50MHz slower on the core and 175Mhz on the shader doesn't amount to much. I wouldn't worry about it.
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