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Thermalatake Water 2.0 Pro Concerns

Hey helpful TH community,

I had been running Prime95 to locate the lowest stable voltage for an AMD FX-4170 (4.2 GHz stock). I settled on VCore 1.284V. The CPU temps I recorded were always around 45 centigrade under load. I just replaced my Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo with a Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro and started running Prime95 [same voltages and conditions as before (i.e. same fan profile)]. To my chagrin, the CPU temps registering on the sensor were the same! Worse, the idle CPU temps with water are higher than with air (about 32 as opposed to 29 centigrade). Am I crazy for thinking something's not quite right? If I am, maybe I'm an elephant. If I'm not, any ideas as to what's up? Are these two cooling systems comparable?

Side note: During the writing of this post, I actually found a forum posting saying that someone experienced a drop of 9 centigrade (idle) and 5 centigrade (load) switching from air to water, so I almost wish I WAS an elephant.

Any way you can help me not be an elephant would be greatly appreciated.

In advance, here's some thanks,
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  1. Most likely explanation would be to try reseating the waterblock, might have been a bad contact.
  2. Thanks! I'll give that a try.
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    Airlock- tap the pump and rotate the radiator or case if possible.
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  5. any result?

    I'm trying to decide what to replace my Ultra 120 with... I have a 2600k and get HORRIBLE results like 87C on some cores at stock voltage at 4.4 GHZ
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