Is there a problem somewhere?

i7 2600k @ 4.5
Asus P8Z77-I
Phanteks air cooler (basically the NH-D14 but better looking)
IC Diamond thermal compound

First off, I hate the UEFI bios on this board. My last PC had a Q6600 on a P5Q Pro board and I found that much simpler to OC. Anyway after running prime95 for a little while, I noticed my temps peak at 64 68 69 68 and my voltage hit about 1.39 and I could be wrong but this just seems a bit high.

Am I wrong, or is that a normal temp? If it's high, any suggestions for what's wrong? Voltage too high? (and how would I lower it in this BIOS?) I applied the ICD improperly? Something's wrong with my fans? I heard 0 difference in fan speed at load and idle, and don't have manual control, so I'm thinking this.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. 69C is fine, those chips are good to around 70C

    i find traditional bios easier to move around, being controlled with only the arrow keys :P
  2. They're actually good to quite a bit more, I just assumed that buying one of the best air coolers out there would keep my temps a bit lower than they are. Even running stock speed at load seemed a bit high, though I don't remember the exact temps. I'm thinking maybe the ICD, maybe voltage, maybe I'm entirely wrong and these temps are perfect. I know the case and it's airflow affect it too, and even though I'm using a Prodigy, it has a 230 up front so it should have more than enough airflow.

    And yes, old bios were nicer, this thing is highly unintuitive, IMHO.
  3. My one and only bump. Any more input? :(
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