Will the Siberian Tiger 3850 fit in the Silverstone Raven RV02 case?

Hello there! :bounce:
I've recently decided to buy a new case and a new graphic card, where i did choose the RV02 case because my current Lian Li case won't be able to fit the 5870.

However, now i have another problem, my Q9450 cpu is running at 3.8Ghz where the Vcore is set to 1.35000mV, and my cooler is the Siberian Tiger 3850, will it fit, or will i have to buy a new CPU cooler? If i have to buy a new cooler, what cooler will be able to cool of my Q9450 then, running at 3.8Ghz and at the same time, fit inside of the case.

Im running in "sandwich" mode with my 3850 cooler, which means that theres a fan on both sides of it.

And also, will my PSU fit? Im pretty sure that its longer than "normal" psu's sinde its "sticking" out of the behind on my lian li. :na:

Specs(if it matters):
- Gigabyte EP45-DS3R
- 4GB DDR2 OCZ SLI ready memory, clocked to around 1066Mhz.
- Intel Q9450 2.66Ghz @ 3.8Ghz
- Siberian Tiger 3580 Watercooler
- Antec Truepower Quatro 850W Modular Powersupply
- 4 x Hitachi 160gb 7200RPM in raid 0
- 750gb Samsung F1 Storage
- LianLiV1100 Plus II black
- Powercolor 4870X2 2GB

- TheNickzy

By the way, im from Denmark.
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  1. Regarding your PSU, shouldn't it fit in any case? Unless it's a non-standard sized one at least...
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