My Video Problems!

I hav an i5, Sapphire HD5750, 4GB RAM, 640GB HDD.
It has an exceptional gaming performance, but when it comes to video watching, I found some problems.
-I m playing a 720X480 video that I record via Fraps, and suddenly it hangs and some blue stripes coming out of my screen. I cant press any button and the only way is to reset the whole computer.
-I m playing another 1440X838 video, also Fraps recorded. The screen flickers, almost unresponsive. Sometimes it recovered, a notofication comes out 'The ATI display driver stopped responding and has been recovered' something like this.
What happened? Can I recover it?
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  1. What video player u r using lkn118? HD videos are most likey to be played with excellence in powerDVD rather than Windows media player. Try playing with VLC media player or PowerDVD as both are good in playing Videos, and more over ATI + PowerDVD is an excellent option to play videos as they compromise each other very well.

    Let me know the Result,
  2. okay, try running without fraps, see if that make any changes... :)
    arun have a good clue there, what video player?
  3. anyway, installed latest driver, everything fixed. thanks for you all help.
  4. sorry. after installing the latest driver, the problem still persist. juz it wont happen that frequently. what should i do again?
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