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I have a Compaq SR5710Y and i want to upgrade my processor. I have an Amd Athlon x2 64 clocked at 2.30 Ghz. I want to know if i can buy a 3 Ghz Athlon. I have a new power supply(400W) which i will have enough power of course. I could the use the help though, so please help. Thanks:)
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  1. I checked my motherboard specs and i found out that i can upgrade to a Athlon X2 with a TDP of 65 but its says i can only have a processor 4800+ series(Athlon 2.5). I found an amd with 2.7 with a TDP of about 65W but it is not in the 4800+ series. The 2.7 Athlon X2 is a 5200+. Would i be able to upgrade to a 5200+? Oh and i made sure it was the right socket type which is an AM2.
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    There is only one way to find out and no way to know without trying. Personally, I would gamble on it likely working.
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