1TB SEAGATE, going out? problems!!!

So I've had this 1TB hard drive from Seagate for a while now about 3 years, and I just got a 2TB external to back it up, and right before I was about to start backing it up, it started acting very strange. Large files hang. Then my entire windows explorer hangs, and if it recovers that hard drive is gone! completely! It no longer exists in my computer, or in the device manager, or even in the computer management/disk management(storage) settings. Upon RESET, it probably won't show up in post, and obviously not gonna show up in windows, BUT if I completely shut down the system, then power back on it works, sort of. I was able to transfer some small files right after rebooting, but if I try anything over say 500MB it will usually trigger this problem. I have run Seagates diagnostic tools and it passes SMART, and it passes, Short generic test, but it Fails LONG generic test.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can retrieve some of the larger files from this drive or what could be failing on it that would cause this type of behavior?

Thanks a lot!

Edit: forgot to mention that I did change the power cable, the sata cable, and the sata port on the mother board, but no change in HD behavior. This is note my OS or main HD, but a secondary storage HD.

Model number : ST31000340AS

Edit: Short DST -FAIL, any ideas on the best way to get as much off this thing before it dies as I can based on the info I've provided? I've also heard of the freezer trick, I have not tried that, but I'm not sure that would work with my particular errors.
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  1. You might be able to use Clonezilla to help


    UBCD also has some hard disk cloning tools

  2. The ST31000340AS is a 7200.11 Seagate. The .11's had some pretty bad problems.

    Google "ST31000340AS" to see. Seagate has a firmware update that may help.

    If you succeed in backing up the files, toss the drive in the trash.
  3. Thanks guys,

    Yeah I ran the update, and then ran the windows repair tool. Took about 24 hours, but after that I was able to backup all my files... Buying a new HD this weekend.
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