Upgrade from a Nvidia 8800 GTX?

I had my Graphics Card Since March 2007.

Only lately in some games i notice the graphics going very weird, like patterns across the screen in games like Iracing and Call of Duty.

This only happens now and again, but it has happened more lately.

I have reinstalled my pc, updated graphics drivers using the nvidia ones and the omega ones.

I have reseated my cpu, ram and memory, and its still happening.

Only conclusion is my card is on its way out.
I did find my old radeon 9800 pro but after trying it i remember it was faulty as thats why i brought this one to replace it back then.

I did pay £257 quid back then, Im wondering what would be a nice upgrade to now, from a budget of £100 or maybe up to £200. Was looking at 9800 if they still do those?
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  1. Well i would be happy to help you, i just dont know the prices where you live. plus the curency between £ and USD ($). so i will recommend some cards that i think you will like, but before i do so will you please list just a few of the games you are looking to play so i can help you the best i can.
  2. Well,
    You probably wanna get a 5770 HD

    It will give you a significant performance boost and DirecX11.
    for resolution 1920x1600
    It will be around £170
  3. A 5770 will be a really good idea even a 5750 is a good choice, and is even cheaper then the 5770 !
  4. Those cards people have recommended above are good cards and perform similar to your 8800gtx but if you want a faster card i suggest look into a 5850 or gtx285. That is if you can spend a bit more.
  5. you should probably go for the 5000 series so you can get DX11 out of them !
  6. Depending on who makes the card it may still be under warranty. XFX and EVGA are lifetime warranties so they would repair or replace your card. I believe if they can not repair it, they will send you a GTS250 in its place. I would try this FIRST.

    Second, if you are upgrading, I would not recomment a 5770 or 4890 unless you were just looking for a replacement or a modereate upgrade from what you have. The 8800GTX is a pretty powerful card and can still hold it's own. If you want something that will give you a nice performance hike, I would look at a $5850. Obviously you are ok with spending a bit of money on cards as they 8800GTX hit the streak at $600 and still sold for over $300 the last time I saw it for sale.

    Just some thoughts.
  7. ^^^
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