MythTv Build - How does it look?

I'm attempting to put together a build for a MythTV frontend/backend. The box will be behind a wall, but close enough where I can run HDMI to my TV. Would this build do the trick (click the link below)?

Everything I'm doing will be HD and I want to be able to record two shows at once while watching a recorded program. Eventually I may add a front end to this so I can access recordings from another TV.

It's possible that I would add another tuner in the future as well.

I also want to be able to play full screen flash from HULU and the like.

Also looking for suggestions for an RF Remote.

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  1. you dont need to put or anything... just post the link and the site automatically HLs it for you.
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    On paper the ecs motherboard looks great, but this board has a higher than average failure rate, and requres another part to get S/PDIF. This board will probably cause you pain. You can take her home, dress her up, but one day she will stop putting out.

    to get a list of recommended Linux boards. Download the motherboard manuals of the boards you like and make sure they support wake-on-usb. Not all of them do.

    Be aware that Zotac wireless sucks, so don't let that cloud your decision.
  3. OK. I really can't decide on a motherboard. Should I just go with the Asus M3N78-EM or should I go with a full sized board and just pick up a cheap graphics card?
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  5. i am looking to build a system with the same idea in mind...just curious what you ended up going with.

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