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I'm a first-time builder and although my new pc works great, I suspect I need to address the following:

I'd like to be able to keep my system as cool as possible, but I don't think I am properly using the fans that came with my case. They all spin, but utilities such as CPUID Hardware Monitor and Speedfan are only detecting 1 of the 5 fans in my pc. I'm almost certain that I have not properly connected some sort of cable, as my mobo has empty connectors for fan headers.

If the community would like me to post my entire system specs, I can do so, but for now let me just say that I have the following:

* i5 with cooler master hyper 212 (1 fan)
* antec illusion 300 (2 front intake fans, 1 rear exhaust fan, 1 top exhaust fan)
* antec ea650 psu

I can't seem to locate any sort of connectors on the case fans that would connect to the mobo.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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  1. Hi men, the power conectors of the fans's case are like THIS?, if the answer is yes, speedfan can't detect fans that aren't connected to the mobo.
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